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As we walked with our clients’ on their visa journeys over the years, we realised how many people would benefit from a reliable source of information that detangle confusing regulations and are user-focused.  It serves to educate on all things emigration and immigration, to simplify, clarify and provide the latest of updates in the ever evolving Australian migration laws, and to speak about exciting news. Sometimes even scandals!

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Are You Stopping over in Australia? Get a Transit Visa.

Transit Visa (Subclass 771) Do you have a long stop over in Australia than is no longer than 72 hours? You may need a visa. Besides, why spend all of your time in the airport or on the ship? Spend those hours exploring Australia instead with a Transit Visa (subclass 771). Have family or friends... Continue Reading

A Detailed Guide to Labour Market Testing and Market Salary Rate

Labour Market Testing (LMT) Labour Market Testing (LMT) is a requirement for the sponsor to demonstrate that they have tried to, but are unable to find a suitable candidate for the nominated position from the Australian labour market. The current Domestic Recruitment Table (DRT) will no longer be accepted as sufficient evidence. Advertising of the... Continue Reading

457 and ENS Visas: Caveats, The Latest Update

The shock announcements regarding the overhaul of employer sponsored visas, in particular, the 457 visa, has left everyone playing catch up, including the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) themselves. Information and interim measures have been released slowly through the year, and will continue to trickle through for some time. So here we are... Continue Reading

Short Stay Specialist/Short Term Work – Special Cases, Restrictions and Exceptions

Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (Subclass 400) The Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa (subclass 400) allows for highly skilled workers to enter into Australia for up to 6 months to perform specialised work. You may be eligible for this visa if you have a skill that is rare in Australia, are introducing or... Continue Reading

Need A Specialist From Overseas to Work Temporarily in Australia?

Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (Subclass 400) Maybe your business is opening up its first store in Australia and you need someone experienced from your team overseas to manage the opening. Maybe there is a special project that you have that requires very specific skills, and the best person for the job is overseas.... Continue Reading

Did You Know De Facto Relationship Requirements Differ with Visa?

The requirements for de facto relationships, as defined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), vary depending on the visa that you are applying for.   Criteria applying to all de facto relationships Broadly, de facto relationships (inclusive of same sex relationships) are where the couple: Are both at least 18 years of... Continue Reading

457, ENS, RSMS Updates From the Department

March 2018 Advice on transitional provisions From March 2018, individuals who were existing subclass 457 visa holders (or subclass 457 applicants) as at 18 April 2017 will continue to have access to an employer sponsored pathway to permanent residence. Detailed information in relation to the transitional provisions is not, however, yet available.   Occupations lists... Continue Reading

New Zealand Citizen. Do You Want to Bring Your Partner to Australia?

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) Visa  (Subclass 461) If you’re a New Zealand citizen in Australia and you have a partner or family who do not hold New Zealand passports, they may be eligible to apply for the New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) 461 visa to stay in Australia. This visa is valid... Continue Reading

Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)

The fiance visa Engaged? Congratulations! I’m sure you cannot wait to have your partner here with you in Australia. The Prospective Marriage 300 visa will help you do just that. The Prospective Marriage 300 visa is a temporary 9 month visa for the applicant with plans to get married. Once the couple has married, they... Continue Reading

NSW Occupation Lists for 2017/18 Released!

The NSW occupation lists for 2017/18 are out! The list for the Skilled (Nominated) 190 visa has shrunk to 130 occupations. 51 occupations have been removed and there are 10 new occupations. Find: NSW occupation lists   New on the 190 list 232111 Architect 233111 Chemical Engineer 233411 Electronics Engineer 233511 Industrial Engineer 233513 Production... Continue Reading

Can We Bring Our Domestic Worker to Australia?

Yes, but only in limited circumstances. You can, if you are visiting Australia for tourism or doing a business visit. You can, if you are a foreign senior executive or are here on international relations. But there is no option for an Australian family to hire a domestic worker from overseas nor is it possible... Continue Reading

What is Going On With the SkillSelect System?

This has been a difficult year for those applying for the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189). First off, the cut off points have stayed above 60 points up til the recent invitation round on 6 September 2017. The overall invitations released have also been lower. The big question is why? An examining the occupation ceiling... Continue Reading

Carer 116/836 Visa

The carer visa is a visa for a family member to come to, or stay in Australia, to care for their Australian relative, or to assist their Australian relative in caring for a member of their family unit, who is afflicted by a medical condition that requires attentive and long term care. This is a... Continue Reading

Engineers Australia Has A Few Announcements!

Are you applying for a skills assessment with Engineers Australia? They have a few announcements! PTE (Academic) test results will be accepted from 1 November 2017. Applicants must show a minimum score of 50 in each of the 4 modules. Pakistan became a full signatory of the Washington Accord in June 2017. Applicants holding a... Continue Reading

VETASSESS Date Deemed Skilled

Skills Assessment with VETASSESS for General Professional Occupations Skills assessments determine if an applicant has the appropriate skill set and can perform at the required skill level for their nominated occupation. Why is this important? Occupation lists are created based on the workforce needs of Australia or the State, and it is a necessary that... Continue Reading

Nominating an ICT occupation for Victoria State Sponsorship?

Skilled (Nominated) visa (subclass 190) On 1 July 2017, Victoria reopened applications for ICT occupations as well as introduced a new application process specifically for those nominating an ICT occupation. Due to the high amount of interest, Victoria now requires that applicants are invited before they can apply for state nomination. However exemptions to this... Continue Reading

Visa Processing Times

Are you still waiting for news on your application? You can find out what the typical processing times are for your visa on the DIBP’s website. Find: Visa Application Processing Times   Here are some processing times for commonly applied for visas:   Visa 75% applications processed in 90% applications processed in Visitor 600 –... Continue Reading

South Australia’s Chain Migration Pathway

Skilled (Nominated) visa (subclass 190) Chain Migration? Well in our twenty years of operation we have never heard of such a term, but it is catchy. There used to be an Family Reunion pathway, but that was when I was a much younger man. Does it mean you arrive in chains? Or perhaps it’s what... Continue Reading

New South Wales Not Issuing Invitations

New South Wales hasn’t produced an occupation list for programme year 2017/18 yet. Applications that have been made in the last weeks of June will be assessed within the service standard of 12 weeks. No invitations are currently being issues to apply for NSW nomination. Invitations will begin to be sent out again when the... Continue Reading

Condition 8558 on Visitor Visas

Condition 8558 is a visa condition that does not allow a visa holder to stay for more than 12 months in an 18 month period. It is a discretionary condition that may be imposed on visitor visas that are valid for more than 12 months, allows multiple entry and allows at least 12 months stay... Continue Reading

Aged Dependent Relative 114/838 Visa

There are two subclasses to the Aged Dependent Relative Visa – the offshore Subclass 114 and the onshore subclass 838. The benefit to lodging the onshore Aged Dependent Relative 838 visa is that if the applicant will be given a bridging visa to stay in Australia til the time of decision. Who is an eligible... Continue Reading

Australian Study Requirement

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa and Temporary Graduate 485 Visa The Australian Study Requirement (ASR) is a requirement that one has fulfilled after completing two years of academic study in Australia. If you meet the ASR, you would have 5 additional points if you were applying for a points tested General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa.... Continue Reading

Victoria Ombudsman Asked to Investigate Federation University of Their Treatment of an International Student

A complaint has been made to the Victorian State Ombudsman alleging that Federation University of Australia has acted in an unconscionable manner on a number of occasions towards an international student. The Ombudsman has been asked to investigate whether these acts were of a fraudulent nature designed to place the student under duress and pressure... Continue Reading

Skills Assessment for RSMS Applicants

Direct Entry Stream Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) 187 Visa 1 July 2017 caused a lot of upheaval in the world of immigration in Australia. Thankfully the direct entry stream Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) 187 visa  has remained largely untouched, for now. Read: Applying for direct entry stream Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) 187... Continue Reading

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) 

The Visitor visa (subclass 600) is for tourists, business and family visitors. It is a temporary visa that does not allow one to work, study for more than 3 months, and is granted on the basis that the visitor is only to be in Australia temporarily. Criteria to be met: Genuine temporary stay Adequate means... Continue Reading

Occupation Ceilings on DIBP Website Fixed! 

Last week when the occupation ceilings were released, there were a few errors on the website; for one the occupation group for ICT security specialist was missing from the list. The DIBP has since updated its website and it’s now all fixed. Occupation group 2621 – Database and systems administrators and ICT security specialists have... Continue Reading

Visitor Visa: Genuine Temporary Stay Requirement

An important criteria that you must satisfy when applying for a Visitor visa (subclass 600) is the genuine temporary stay requirement. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) assesses the applicant’s ‘genuine intent’ through considering: If the applicant has complied substantially with the conditions on the applicant’s last substantive visa, or any subsequent bridging... Continue Reading

Accounting and ICT Students Very Happy Today! 

Occupation Ceilings for Programme Year 2017/18 Programme year 2017/18 occupation ceilings for the MLTSSL have been finally been released! Below you will find our comparisons between the ceilings for 2016/17 and 2017/18. The rightmost columns are the occupation ceilings for programme years 2016/17 and 2017/18.   ID Occupation Group 2016/17 2017/18 1331 Construction Managers 5289... Continue Reading

University of South Australia to Provide Full Refund

Last week we wrote to you about Anupamdeep Kaur and her struggle in attaining a refund from the University of South Australia (UniSA). The release of our article last week set things in motion. The Australian newspaper contacted us and Julie Hare the Editor of the Higher Education wanted to cover what had happened to... Continue Reading

Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement for Student Visas, Assessed by the DIBP and Your Educational Institute?

How the GTE requirement is assessed One of the major requirements in applying for a Student visa (subclass 500) is being a genuine temporary entrant (GTE). This requirement exists to weed out those who are abusing this visa programme by applying for a student visa only as a means of obtaining permanent residency here in... Continue Reading

University of South Australia faces possible human rights breach probe

Complaints have been made against the University of South Australia (UniSA) to the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) over the education institution’s failure to return any portion of the prepaid tuition fee amounting to AUD$15,880, to an international student who never was able to travel to Australia to start her Masters Degree. The international student... Continue Reading

A Detailed Guide to Caveats

In April this year the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) announced that it would be making some shocking and abrupt changes to the employer sponsored visa programme. Part of the toughened requirements saw the imposition of caveats on a vast number of occupations. Having caveats apply to your nominated occupation indicates that there... Continue Reading