We are looking at the end of the 457 visa. Just this afternoon, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull released a video (view links below) announcing plans to replace the 457 visa programme with one that will complement Australia’s needs better.


The 457 visa has been under great scrutiny in the recent years with the increasing abuse of the programme. Regrettably its seems that over time, those who insisted on trying to cheat the system had found organised ways to do so, and this dark business appears to have thrived despite ever more stringent regulations being put in place. Other laments include the lost of jobs to foreigners, overcrowding and the exponential increase in housing costs. The pressure has been mounting for the government to provide a fix.

Don’t panic yet. The temporary work visa is not completely abolished. It’s being revamped to be more selective. Requirements will be stricter, but genuine sponsors and applicants should have no need to worry. That is of course the ideal and the hope.

457 visas that already have been lodged are likely to be processed under the same requirements that were in place at the time of lodgement.

It is said that there is to be a new 2 year and 4 year visa, with the 4 year visa of course having higher requirements. The new 2 year visa will not have a direct pathway to permanent residency. For more details on the new visas, visit the DIBP link below. We will surely keep you posted as we get more news. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest in updates.


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