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In this week’s edition, we first an article by ABC news about Australia’s regional migration program. Unfortunately, regional migrants are struggling to find employments in their fields. The article focuses on an accountant. She had moved to Tasmania looking for a job in her field. However, she was unable to find one. In order for her to “make ends meet”,  she became an Uber driver.

Then there is the story by Brisbane times about migrants paying their way into Australia. Approximately, 50 migrants had paid an individual to make a fake company sponsor them for a skilled worker visa.

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Newspaper Articles:

Up first, we have a story the ABC news about Australia’s regional migration program. Migrants are struggling to find employment in their field. Demand does not match the area.

Australia’s regional migration program failing both migrants and communities, expert says

Second, we have a story by Brisbane times about migrants paying their way for Australian employee sponsorship.

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Migrants paid $100,000 for fake companies to support their visa applications

Next, we have an article by The West Australia. A two-year-old boy is facing deportation after his visa application was refused on the grounds of his disability.

Parliamentary plea for 2yo Bunbury boy facing deportation _ The West Australian

For more information on the grounds of cancellation, click here

Furthermore, we have a story by SBS about parent visas. The wait for a parent visa can be as long as three years.

Greens vow to torpedo government’s ‘punitive’ parent visa hike

Lastly, we have another story by SBS about a 457-visa holder. According to him, he has not been paid for over 70 weeks.

From deathbed, 457 visa holder flights for unpaid wages

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