7 Days of Migration – 10/7/19 to 17/7/19

7 Days of Migration – 10/7/19 to 17/7/19

(10th July to the 17th of July)

Not sure what has happened in the past week with migration? Don’t worry! We have the latest migration news and stories from the past seven days available here at your convenience. No need to do any further research, we have done it all for you.

In this week’s edition, we first have an article by SBS regarding migrants and the job availabilities in Australia. Research conducted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) found that migrants do not impact or harm the local job market. The study found that 70 per cent of temporary skilled migrants lives in areas which have the lowest rates of unemployment.

Then there is the story by ABC about the income threshold for temporary workers. Since 2013, it has remained at $53 900. The cost of living has dramatically changed within the past 6 years. The Labour government wanted to increase this threshold in April. However, this is now under review. Also, the new regional migration (DAMA) has even a lower threshold for income.

These are just a few stories we have found for you. We have many more stories for you to read below.

Newspaper Articles:

Up first, we have a story by SBS. In their article, they reveal that migrants do not threaten the local job market.

Migrants don’t actually threaten Australian workers’ jobs, new analysis reveals

After this, we have an article by ABC regarding temporary skilled migrant’s income thresholds.

People who come to our country on temporary visas with work rights should not have to fear exploitation and abuse at the hands of unscrupulous employers, and businesses who want to hire locally and pay fairly should not have to compete with dodgy operators who bend and break the rules,” – Michele O’Neil, ACTU president (ABC, 2019).

Cheap migrant worker cut-off slips as regional push bring further discounts for employers

Next, we have an article by In Daily (Adelaide’s Independent News). The public-school fee will be waived for dependents of temporary skilled visa holders (Subclass 457 to 482). This aims to draw foreign workers into South Australia.

State budget at a glance 

Furthermore, we have an article by the Sydney Morning Herald. Surprisingly, 7526 protection visa applicants are still waiting for their application to be processed.

Asylum seekers in Australia wait years for protection claims

Want to know more about protection visas,  we have an article about it on our website about it, click here to have a read.

Lastly, we have an article by West Australia about backpackers on a tourist visa being ripped off by employers.

Qld farms targeted over worker abuse _ The West Australian

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