7 Days of Migration – 14/8/19 to 21/8/19

7 Days of Migration – 14/8/19 to 21/8/19

(14th August to the 21st August 2019)

Not sure what has happened in the past week with migration? Don’t worry! We have the latest migration news and stories from the past seven days available here at your convenience. No need to do any further research, we have done it all for you.

In this week’s edition, we first have an article by SBS about a single mother being deported on the grounds of her medical health. The single mother has hepatitis B. In July, the cap for medical treatment changed from $40 000 to $49 000. Sadly, she misses out on this, and as a result, she has to return to Vietnam by mid-September.

Then there is the story by the ABC about Australia’s job list. According to ABC, the occupation list for Australia is ‘out of date’. This statement comes from the fact that none of the top five jobs in LinkedIn 2018 fast-growing occupations are on the ANZSCO list. As a result, businesses are having difficulties in recruiting overseas workers.

These are just a few stories we have found for you. We have many more stories for you to read below.

Newspaper Articles: 

Up first we have an article by SBS about a single mother being deported due to her medical health.

This single mother could be one of the last to have her Australian visa rejected over hepatitis B

Next, we have an article by ABC about Australia’s occupational list. According to the ABC, Australia’s occupation is ‘out of date’.

Australia’s outdated official job list leaves students, businesses in limbo trying to get visas

Furthermore, we have an article by The Sydney Morning Herald about English standards for student visa applicants.

Australian universities accused of lowering English standards for foreign students

Next, we have a newspaper from The Guardian. No further cuts for migration numbers.

Coalition rules out further cut to migration numbers amid decentralisation push

Lastly, SBS reports that few migrants will report victims of domestic violence as the fear of being charged with aiding and abetting.

Fears fewer migrants will report family violence over deportation fears

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