(13th March to the 20th of March 2019)

Not sure what has happened in the past week with migration? Don’t worry! We have the latest migration news and stories from the past seven days available here at your convenience. No need to do any further research, we have done it all for you.

In this week’s edition, we first an article by the SBS about Australia’s migration intake. As stated by the Prime Minister, Australia’s annual migration intake will be cut by 30 000 places. The Prime Minister also mentioned that the government would like to focus more on skilled regional migration, in the hopes that it would increase regional areas economy. International students are the likely targets to be pushed into these regional areas.

Then there is the story by the Guardian about an individual’s cancelled visa. With recent events of the Christchurch massacre and the individual having strong religious views, the individual had their Australian visa cancelled.

These are just a few stories we have found for you. We have many more stories for you to read below.

Newspaper Articles:

Up first we have an article by SBS. 30 000 places will be cut in Australia’s annual migration intake. The migration intake will be more focused on skilled regional visas.

Read the full story here

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Australia government ‘vows’ to increase the number of skilled workers in regional areas by pushing students out into them.

Workers and students pushed to regions in Scott Morrison’s ‘congestion reduction’ bid

Next, we have an article by the Guardian.  An individual had their Australia visa cancelled due to their strong religious views and the recent Christchurch massacre.

Australia cancels Milo Yiannopoulos’s visa after Christchurch comments

Furthermore, we have a story by the Conversation. There will be a migration cap of 160 000 for the next four years, with skilled regional visa holder having processing priority.

Slimmed-down migration program has regional focus

An Australian religious leader was refused entry to New Zealand following the massacre last Friday and informed that he would not be able to travel without a special visa.

Australian Muslim leader Sheikh Shady refused entry to New Zealand following mosque massacre

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