(28th March to the 3rd of April 2019)

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In this week’s edition, we first an article by the SBS about the impacts of 2019 federal budget on visa holders. Within the budget, there are plans to assist current visa holders by introducing a ‘social cohesion’ measure. The primarily aim of this measure is to integrate migrants more into the community.  However, on the counterpart, it does plan to increase fees for new visa applicants.

Then there is the story by ABC. A family is facing deportation because their son does not meet Australia’s migration health requirements. As a result, the community is furious over the news. Together with community spirit, over 6000 people have signed a petition not to deport the family.

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Newspaper Articles:

Up first we have a story SBS. As you may or may not have heard, the federal budget is set to be released soon. So, what does it have install for migration? According to SBS, current visa holders are set to benefit from this budget. However, new visa applicants are faced with higher fees.

How visa holders in Australia will be affected by the 2019 budget

Second, we have a story by The Conversation. In the article, it addresses the benefit of moving skilled workers to regional areas. However, factors including, limited infrastructure, cultural diversity and social gaps might offset migrants from setting in these regional areas.

Setting migrants in regional areas will need more than a visa to succeed 

Next, we have an article by News.com.au. Within this article, it talks about how the new visas will include a pathway to a permanent residency at the end of three years. There is also an incentive for both international and domestic students to study in regional areas.

Immigration cuts and regional visas to ease strain on Sydney and Melbourne

Furthermore, we have a story sad story about the Sydney Morning Herald. A family is facing deportation because their son does not meet Australia’s migration health requirements.

Community rallies to save ‘model citizens’ from deportation

Lately there has been quite a discussion with the cuts on migration and the new regional visas. The conservation provides their view on the topic.

Government’s population plan is more about maximising ‘win-wins’ than cutting numbers

Lastly, we have a story by Sydney Morning Herald. Business, especially start-ups are encouraged to consider the global talent scheme.

Startups slow to move on skilled visa options amid complexity

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