(17th April to the 24th of April 2019)

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In this week’s edition, we first an article by The Australia about parent visa applications. One of the Labour government’s pledges is to uncap parent visas. In other words, families can sponsor up to four parents. So, BOTH sides (mum’s and dad’s) can have their parents in Australia. BUT this is only a pledge.

Further down we have a story by WA today. They report about five men who had their visa cancelled at Perth airport. The five men were stopped and questioned. After questioning, their visas were cancelled as the officials thought their stay would be a risk to the Australian community.

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Newspaper Articles:

Up first we have a story by The Australia about parent visas. The Labour government pledges to uncap parent sponsorship visa, whereby families can sponsor up to four parents.

‘Very popular’ parent visas to sway four seats

For more information, click here to read our newsletter about the New Temporary Parent Visa (870).

Second, we have a story by ABC. Labour also pledges to increase the income threshold for Temporary Skilled Migration workers.

Labour pledges to increase skilled migration income threshold, Coalition to help small business

Another newspaper article relating to this matter, Federal Election 2019_ Labor leader Bill Shorten pledges better protection of migrant workers _ The West Australian

Next, we have another article by WA today. Five men were stopped at Perth Airport and had their eVistitor 651 visa cancelled. The reason behind the cancellation was due to their risk to the Australian community.

European bikie stopped at Perth Airport, banned from entering Australia

Furthermore, we have a newspaper article from ABC. In their article, they discuss the tragic reality of when visa applicant’s children have disabilities.

Two-year old boy faces ‘painful and premature death’ as deportation looms 

Another newspaper article relating to this matter, click here to read more.

Lastly, we have an article by The Financial Review. In their report, they talk about how Labour’s promise to increase wages for skilled migrants would actually be detrimental, especially to rural businesses owners.

Visa Crackdowns would worsen skill shortage, employees warn 

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