In response to the growing concerns regarding the spread of the Coronavirus, Australian Universities have read the writing on the wall that it will probably only be a matter of time before classes on campuses will no longer be permitted.

Today the Australian carried the story of how Macquarie University has suspended its classes temporarily until the end of March so the teaching of its courses can be organised to an online format;

Read: Macquarie University pauses classes to retool for online teaching

Holders of student visas in Australia will most likely be allowed to continue their studies online if the education provider has arranged this as appropriate.

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Also following our two stories regarding the future of Immigration processing and how the Coranavirus may affect international students in Australia, The Migration Institute of Australia has received advice from the DOHA on a range of processing issues;

Read: MIA Notice 24 – 17 March 2020 – Migration Institute of Australia

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