In November this year;

The current 489 visa is on its way out.

A second 485 visa possible for students who study in Regional Australia.

A new Regional Employer Sponsored visa will begin.

So the old 489 is on the way out from November and the new one will begin.

It is not expected the format to obtain the new version will be any different from the current, such as how the state/territory will sponsor you (or relative) and having met the minimum points requirement (currently at 65). The one major difference is that the ACT will become eligible to sponsor which for the current 489 visa they cannot. It will also increase from the current 4 years to 5 years in the new version.

The big difference will be the new version of the 887 visa, the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Visa, which will seem to require 3 years residency in regional area, one year more than is currently needed.

For those of you who already hold the 489 visa you do not need to worry, the old 887 visa will be there no doubt for you to apply for after fulfilling only two years of regional residency.

It seems that from some date in November, applications for the old 489 visa are likely to close and the newer version will take over. Those then who hold the new 489 version (no doubt will not be called the 489 visa), will have to meet the new three years residency requirement and no doubt the work requirement will also increase, perhaps to two years.

The availability for international students who have met the Australian Study Requirement at a regional campus to have a second 485 visa (one year) is extremely generous provision. This is for those who:

  • graduate from the regional campus of a registered university or institution with a higher education or postgraduate qualification; and
  • maintain ongoing residence in a regional area while holding their first Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa

The new Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa will be completely new and targeted for people sponsored by an employer in regional Australia. It will be the new Regional 482 version with more occupations to choose from and no doubt a lower minimum wage component as well.

You can read the full medial releases and information sheet;

220319 Skilled Visa eNews – Special Edition March 2019

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