Woman holding a know the rules sign

Who could be a controversial visitor?

A controversial visitor assessment process is used to determine whether a person should be permitted to enter or remain in Australia. Do you meet any of these ten examples? 

 Have you:

  • planned, participated in, promotes or advocates extremist views such as a belief in the use of violence as a legitimate means of political expression
  • engaged in, or engages in speech – including via social media or as an entertainer or artist – which promotes hateful views towards community groups (for example, gender/social/cultural groups)
  • engaged in, or is likely to engage in, conduct likely to incite discord within (or between) groups in the Australian community, or any behaviour that would be incompatible with the smooth operation of a culturally diverse society (for example, Holocaust deniers)
  • engaged in, or engages in, speech that is likely to result in some form of harm to the community, such as views that could jeopardise public health
  • a record of behaviour linked to, or encouraging, disregard for law and order – for example, in the course of addressing public rallies
  • been subject to credible allegations of criminal responsibility for serious international crimes or human rights abuses, such as war crimes or genocide, or intends to promote values or activities that are contrary to international human rights norms
  • claimed to represent a foreign state or government that is not recognised by Australia
  • represented, a secessionist or opposition movement that has engaged in armed struggle
  • because of your political stance or known activities, cause damage to Australia’s foreign relations or attract adverse media attention in another country
  • engaged in, or intending to engage in activities connected with potential trade in sanctioned goods, services or entities.

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