Are you applying for a skills assessment with Engineers Australia? They have a few announcements!

PTE (Academic) test results will be accepted from 1 November 2017. Applicants must show a minimum score of 50 in each of the 4 modules.

Pakistan became a full signatory of the Washington Accord in June 2017. Applicants holding a qualification listed on the website of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) under the Washington Accord list completed on or after 2017 can now apply via the accredited qualifications pathways

Applicants for skills assessment who have been practicing in a country where Engineering is a regulated profession, such as Pakistan or the Philippines, must include evidence of registration in the application

The current waiting times for applications are:

  • Australian Qualifications & Accords Qualifications Assessment: 6 weeks
  • Australian Qualifications & Accords Qualifications Assessment with Fast Track: 15 working days
  • CDR: 6 weeks
  • CDR with Fast Track: 15 working days