Today on the 4th November  the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs David Coleman today launched the Global Talent – Independent Program.

In this new program, highly skilled migrants in selected industries will receive a Fast tracked process to permanent residency in Australia. Now considering PR processing is at an all time slow down, this is going to be a believe it when we see it moment.

However the government boasted today “Applicants will have a dedicated Home Affairs contact to guide them through the process, and applications will receive the highest priority processing.”


Applicants will be eligible for permanent residency if they are likely to earn more than $149,000 per year in Australia, and they are highly skilled in one of seven key industry sectors.

The seven industry sectors are AgTech, FinTech, MedTech, Cyber Security, Energy and Mining, Space and Advanced Manufacturing, and Quantum Information/Advanced Digital/Data Science and ICT.

The Minister has been quick off the mark to set up the processing of this visa with Global Talent Officers from the Department of Home Affairs already deployed in Berlin, Washington DC, Singapore, Shanghai, Santiago, Dubai, and New Delhi.

Of course we are not sure if these talented individuals live in Iceland for example but maybe they will jet set out a DOHA officer to look after them.

The Minister stated “With this program, we are targeting the world’s most highly skilled migrants”. “We want to position Australia at the forefront of major growth trends in the world economy. By enabling local businesses to access the world’s best talent, we will help to grow high growth industries in Australia. Over time, the Global Talent program has the potential to have a transformative impact on the Australian economy.”

With up to 5000 of these bright sparks entering Australia we can hardly imagine a transformation taking place, maybe just bringing us up to speed with the rest of the world would not be a bad start.

The Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews said the Global Talent – Independent program will drive growth in the Australian technology industry and will also see local jobs created. “These high-growth sectors exist in truly global markets. For our domestic tech industry to grow, businesses need to be able to hire skilled Australian workers as well as access the capabilities of specialists from across the world.”

So there you have it. Do you know someone who will work for over 149K, or better still get a job paying that much? If you do contact those soon not to be bored dedicated DOHA officers who will hold your hand and guide you along.

Now I wonder if we could have such a program for all those spouse applicants who paid nearly 8K just to lodge their applications but have to wait more than two years for processing? Perhaps part of that incredible high application fee can go towards a dedicated DOHA hold your hand Partner Visa specialist as well?Karl Konrad