The Australian Capital Territory released a new Critical Skills List in association with its sponsorship criteria for the 190 and 491 visas. The new list now supersedes the old one and many new occupations have been added and many occupations, removed.

The next invitation round for the Canberra Matrix will take place on the 15th January incorporating the new Critical Skills list.


The occupations removed are as follows;

Sales & Marketing Manager
Advertising Manager
Public Relations Manager
Finance Manager
Construction Project Manager
Facilities Manager
Financial Investment Adviser
Financial Investment Manager
Recruitment Consultant
Management Consultant
Organisation & Methods Analyst
Advertising Specialist
Marketing Specialist
Public Relations Professional

The following occupations have been added;

Policy and Planning Manager (491 only)
Production Manager (Manufacturing)
ICT Project Manager
ICT Managers (nec)
Arts Administrator or Manager
Environmental Manager
Call or Contact Centre Manager (491 only)
Customer Service Manager
Policy Analyst (491 only)
Liaison Officer (491 only)
Patents Examiner (491 only)
Information and Org. Prof. nec (491 only)
Aeronautical Engineer
Agricultural Engineer
Environmental Health Officer (491 only)
Occupational Health and Safety Adviser
Dental Specialist
Dentist (491 only)
Speech Pathologist
Careers Counsellor
Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
Family and Marriage Counsellor
Rehabilitation Counsellor
Student Counsellor
Counsellors nec
Translator (491 only)
Community Arts Worker (491 only)
Carpenter and Joiner
Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics
Gardener (General)
Landscape Gardener
Community Worker
Disabilities Services Officer
Family Support Worker
Residential Care Officer
Youth Worker
Sports Development Officer
Contract Administrator
Program or Project Administrator

You can find a link to the new ACT Critical Skills List in the description below.

ACT Critical Skills List Jan 21 and comparison

As you can see there has been a significant shift towards the service sector of residential care facilities whether that is in Aged Care or Disability serviced accommodation.

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