It is that time of year again when rumours fly around that some occupation maybe removed from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Most of international guests studying accounting and IT at Australian universities as well those who have already completed their courses and waiting for their invitations to lodge a PR application, are nervously watching the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) site for changes to be announced.Their are two main reasons we believe Accounting and IT will remain on the SOL:

  1. Occupations no longer need to be removed from the SOL because the quota system can be manipulated by the DIBP to reduce the numbers if it is decided this is necessary. By the same mechanism the quota’s may be increased from its current 2,500 places.
  2. The economic impact would be immediate and severe on the Australian Educational Institutions that offer these courses. If the occupations were to be suddenly removed  from the SOL students would jump out of their Accounting Degrees and the Professional Year Programs (PYP) like someone shouting bomb in the classroom. All the Accounting and IT PYP programs would instantly collapse and some of the smaller universities may actually follow suit.

A conservative Liberal government which thinks of jobs and money first is not about to let an economic meltdown of one of the countries largest source of international capital so the chances of your occupation being removed is about zero percent.

In addition to this logic as the reality that IT and Accountants have now moved up the scale of occupations in demand according to these figures recently released.

(Image taken from article Yahoo: Top 10 most in-demand
jobs and skills for Australia.)

Overall then according this new data released and our points we have made above we have one simple message to all of those students and former students studying these two major occupations. Relax don’t worry.