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 Not all of the occupations on the July 2019 190 sponsorship list have the additional work and living requirements, only the ones where there are generally more applicants than places available.

To bring yourself to the attention of the NSW government, if your occupation has this additional requirement you will have to have claimed at least 5 points for Australian Work Experience on your EOI. This means that your employment experience must be no more than 10 years in the past.

This also means that the documents you will need to demonstrate to the Immigration department will exceed those required by the NSW government.

At the moment the NSW government has only singled out IT Professionals regarding work verification and skill dates;

NSW requires all ICT professionals claiming points for skilled employment to provide an Australian Computer Society (ACS) skills assessment that clearly identifies your ‘Skill Level Requirement Met Date’. Under ACS’s framework, your skilled date is the date after which you can claim skilled employment.

If you have continued in relevant skilled employment after your skills assessment was issued by ACS and after the ‘Skill Level Requirement Met Date’ and want to claim skilled employment points for this period of time, you need to provide supplementary evidence. This could include a contract of employment, pay slips or other documents.

The have no mention regarding work verification from CPA etc for those accounting occupations. Best advice is to have these results ready in advance.

The NSW government list of frequently asked questions in relation to this issue;

What is the additional requirement for certain occupations?

The additional requirement is to be currently living in NSW, and to have been employed in NSW for at least one year, in your nominated occupation.

 Do I need to be currently employed in NSW to satisfy this requirement?
No, you do not need to be currently employed in NSW. If you are living in NSW, and have previously been employed in your nominated occupation in NSW for at least one year, you may satisfy this requirement.

 What are the conditions for my skilled employment in NSW to satisfy this requirement?

The employment in NSW must be in your nominated occupation and meet the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs’ definition of skilled employment. For more information, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

 Does my skilled employment in NSW for at least one year need to be with the same NSW employer?

No, you may have been employed by more than one employer in NSW to satisfy this requirement.

 If I satisfy this requirement does this guarantee I will be invited to apply for NSW nomination?

No, there is no guarantee that you will be invited to apply for NSW nomination. As with all occupations on the NSW 190 Priority Skilled Priority List, the selection process is competitive. We will invite the highest ranking candidates who meet the NSW nomination criteria to apply in each invitation round.

 How does NSW assess this requirement?

Candidates are ranked within their occupation according to their; points total, English language ability and skilled employment.

The top ranking candidates that are living in NSW and have at least 12 months skilled employment in NSW will be selected.

You must ensure that the information entered in your Expression of Interest (EOI) is up to date and accurate to demonstrate where you live and your skilled employment history.

In your application for NSW nomination, you will need to demonstrate that you are eligible for the claims and information entered in your EOI with evidence.

We are not able to answer questions on entering information in your EOI.

 If you have been invited to apply for NSW nomination

What evidence do I need to demonstrate I am currently living in NSW?

The following documents as applicable to you:

  • bank statements
  • rental agreements / leases
  • utility bills, e.g. gas, water
  • other bills, e.g. phone, internet
  • driver’s licence
  • proof of age card

 What evidence do I need to demonstrate my employment?

  • Payslips covering a minimum 12 months skilled employment in NSW

At least two of the following three documents:

  • Letter(s) of offer and / or employment contract(s)
  • Notice of assessment received from the Australian Taxation Office
  • Signed and dated reference letter(s) from your employer on the organisation’s letterhead.
    Reference letters must outline the commencement and termination dates of your employment (if applicable), the position held and tasks and responsibilities carried out.

Keep in mind that Immigration will asking for all three of those that NSW mentions plus evidence of Superannuation and often Bank Statements for the entire period.

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