Our Freedom Of Information request has demonstrated that the NSW government is slowly dribbling out the invitations for the 190 visa at a painfully slow rate. This will disappoint many 190 sponsorship hopefuls who are praying for an invitation.

The figures released today are for the time frame of the 16th November 2019 until the 7th January 2020. The government does not release numbers below 5, hence that is why the <5 figure can mean 1 or 2 or 3 or 4.

In summary the results indicate per occupation on the NSW 190 Sponsorship List;

65 Points

Research and Development Manager <5

Internal Auditor <5

Welfare Worker <5

Fitter- Welder <5

Lift Mechanic <5

70 Points

Corporate Services Manager <5

Human Resource Manager <5

Production Manager (Manufacturing) <5

Welfare Worker <5

Automotive Electrician <5

Metal Fabricator <5

Carpenter <5

Electrician General 5

Program or Project Administrator <5

75 Points

Human Resource Manager <5

Occupational Health and Safety Adviser <5

Welfare Worker <5

Diesel Motor Mechanic <5

Electrician General <5

Airconditioning Refrigeration Mechanic <5

Cook <5

Hairdresser <5

Program or Project Administrator <5

80 Points

Corporate Services Manager <5

Research and Development Manager <5

Engineering Manager <5

Quality Assurance Manager <5

Cafe or Restaurant Manager <5

Hotel or Motel Manage <5

Statistician <5

Public Relations Professional <5

Midwife <5

Registered Nurse (Community Health) <5

Developer Programmer <5

Medical Laboratory Technician <5

Electrical Engineering Technician <5

Motor Mechanic General <5

Diesel Mechanic <5

Fitter General <5

Carpenter <5

Plumber (General) <5

Electrician (General) <5

Chef <5

Project or Program Administrator <5

For the complete list for higher points read the FA 20-01-00309 – Document released

Keep in mind these figures are for invitations issued by DOHA not invitations to apply to NSW for sponsorship. It is very likely these figures do not fully reflect the points changes that occurred on the 16th November 2019.

When you looks at the invitation points it does raise some important questions as to why NSW has issued points that are in some cases very low. What is the selection criteria for each occupation? We have asked and now waiting for a reply.

And it seems that during this period the NSW State Government has stuffed things up. One of our readers sent a complaint as to why he did not receive an invitation even though he had more points and this was the reply;

“An error was made in the last round relating to some invitations as a result of the recent changes to the point score system. This has now been corrected so as to not affect future invitation rounds.”

No very reassuring is it?

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Amy Kim