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Last year there was a great deal of unsettling talk that the DOHA may not grant the 5 points for a Professional Year (PY) program that was not closely related to the nominated occupation. We are just letting you know the recent policy on the points system has now put those rumours to rest once and for all.

The policy states;

Closely related occupations for PY
If a Professional Year provider has enrolled an applicant in a
PY, officers can be satisfied that their occupation has been
assessed by that provider as being a closely related
occupation and no further assessment is required.

With regard to the work experience points and PY programs, since most of the PY placements are internship related you will not be able to use the work time towards Australian Work experience. The policy states;

Work placement for PY
Applicants cannot claim the work placement component of
their PY as skilled work experience for Schedule 6D points.
This is due to the fact that the PY work experience is an
internship and is considered a developmental program, not
employment at a skilled level.

However if you have already been working in the professional role (and getting paid) and the PY program accepts that work experience instead of a placement, then this period can still be counted towards your Australian Work experience. Remember though the issue of working at the professional skill level and getting paid accordingly is still important.

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Zoe He