Western Australia’s RSMS Regional Postcodes Have Changed 

RSMS Regional Postcodes have changed for Western Australia. Perth Metropolitan is now excluded from the list. The eligible post codes for WA are:

  • 6041 to 6044
  • 6083 to 6084
  • 6121 to 6126
  • 6200 to 6799

Regional postcodes for RSMS for other states and territories remain unchanged.

Find: Legislative instrument RSMS Postcodes

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Karl Konrad: Is the DIBP Complicit in Migration Scams?

Let’s cut to the chase here, whilst these visa scammers operate out there in Australia the DIBP are they themselves complicit in benefiting in these schemes. An unfair and unsubstantiated allegation you may think? Well consider the facts.

Firstly the DIBP have reaped in millions of dollars from applications fees for bogus applications made by migration scammers. The DIBP are fully aware and quick to identify such applications. In not a single case has the DIBP offered a refund of application fees to any of the scammers’ victims. Not once.

So where is the complicity? If I was a police officer walking the beat and I knew crimes were taking place in my neighborhood but did nothing to stop them, and at the same time was making money from the criminals as they made so called legal applications to me, I would be complicit in their arrangements.

Visa scammers have been brought to the attention of the DIBP many times now in the national media and what have they done? Nothing. Oh yes, they developed these new pay-for-sponsorship laws in December of 2015 as a response, but all that did was silence the victims as these laws would result in victims coming forward being slapped with criminal charges.

And before the DIBP can scream “oh we don’t enforce these laws, the AFP does”, let us be clear, the AFP won’t act without a DIBP brief of evidence first.

So congratulations Minister Dutton. For all the good work, you have done on visa cancellation,s you should be ashamed of letting crime run rampant in our community against its most vulnerable members.