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There has never been a time Australia’s immigration history where there are so many occupation lists! It is annoying to have find the right list for the right visa purpose.

AILS Complete Occupation List (16 November 2019) has been put together by our office so you can find your occupation and then simply see which visa suits you. Once you have found the visa or possibly multiple visa options, you can use the immi news search engine to find our articles relating to each one.

The AILS Guide: Complete Occupation List 2020

I know it makes our life simpler in the office here so we are hoping it may assist our readers also.

Are you looking to apply for a GSM, 482, ENS, RSMS or 494 visa but finding hard to know where your occupation fits in?  We understand that it might be quite complicated and are here to help. Call +61 2 8054 2537, 0434 890 199 or book online today to speak to our migration specialists.

Zoe He