It appears that SkillSelect has been causing a little grief. Forum posts report malfunctioning of the system; the last thing you want after all the hard work in getting your application ready, especially with all the new changes and the time sensitivity involved in making an application.

The system seems confused by the occupation lists, with invitations sent for occupations not on the appropriate list and new additions to the MLTSSL not being available for selection. On the same tangent, our team has been religiously checking the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) website for an update as to the occupation ceilings for programme year 2017/18. We are well into July but there have been no updates.

We are not sure what is going on in DIBP’s plumbing but the trigger happy releases of toughened requirements and new releases has most certainly caused a clog. Hopefully the DIBP will get these issues sorted quickly.