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Previously we covered the release of the new Temporary 870 Parent Visa details with the visa going live on the 1st of July and sponsors can apply earlier to gain permission to be a “sponsor” on the 17th April 2019. It is interesting that they have given this visa a 800 number for traditionally all 800 numbered visas can be lodged onshore and this means bridging visas are granted. The detail for this aspect has not been released so far.

Update (5th April 2109): Department of Home Affairs has released the minimum income level required to be approved as a sponsor. $83,454.80. The income year specified is the most recent completed taxable income year prior to the date of lodgement of an application for approval as a family sponsor. So if your applying on the opening day the 17th of April, you need to prove a taxable income of this amount for your 2018 tax returns.

You have read the details but here is an example based upon my 20 years of experience in talking to clients and lodging parent visa’s for them.

Mr. and Mrs. Patel, aged 59 years of age and living in India. They have three children. Two are in India and one in Australia who is married with two children. The two children in India have no intention to migrate to Australia. They are both single and have moved out from home and live in different cities in India.

Mr. and Mrs. Patel has already travelled to Australia before to be with their grandchildren, and now they both hold a three-year visitor 600 visa which allows them to stay in Australia for 12 months in  18 months. This is Condition 8558 which we have covered in a previous article.

Mr. and Mrs. Patel are about to retire soon and would like to spend more time in Australia, but, they know they cannot migrate as the Balance of Family Test cannot be met.  The current PR Parent Visas are not available to them. On the visitor visa, they are paying for health insurance and the air travel.

Since they cannot stay in Australia for more than 12 months in 18 months, the very minimum they will spend over a five years is say about $6000 on three trips.

Benefits of the 870 Visa?

The first and most important one is that there is no Balance of Family Test, so it does not matter how many parents the children are Australian Permanent Residents or Citizens.

No need to travel and leave Australia for up to 5 years. This is a significant benefit to those families in Australia who have children and need the grandparents to be here while they are working.

Saving on the cost of childcare if preschool children in Australia is also an enormous benefit. With many Child Care Centres charging over $150 per day if the grandparents are willing and able to fill that role, there is more than $10,000 saved over say three years.

The downside of course is no access to Medicare and no permission to work. Minding the grandchildren, fortunately, could not be classified as work which is a good thing. Being on a visitor visa or this temporary parent visa will not make much difference to health insurance anyway. There is also no possibility of changing that condition and asking for permission to work.

In my experience, it is going to be the benefit not to have to leave Australia for six months in an 18 month period which is going sway to be the decision making-process for this visa.

The downside will be the complexity of gaining sponsorship approval. The visa application itself should not be difficult for the parents, but the documentation surrounding sponsorship approval is going to be a time-consuming exercise.

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