The 870 Visa Trap. Given With One Hand And Taken Away With The Other

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The 870 Visa Trap. Given With One Hand And Taken Away With The Other

According to the Immigration department the Temporary Parent 870 visas are off to a flying start and some sponsorship applications only taking 3 days to process. The department released a statement saying;

Parents from South Africa, Venezuela, China, South Korea, Bolivia, the UK, Egypt and India will soon be in Australia with their families after being granted the first visas under the Morrison Government’s new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visas.

Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs David Coleman said more than 1300 sponsorship applications and 170 visa applications have been lodged and visa grants have already started.

“As expected there has been strong demand for the new visa,” Mr Coleman said.

Very pleased indeed with themselves the department added;

“For these first families and the others who will soon have their applications approved, the opportunity to bring their parents to Australia will be a source of great joy.”

Oh please someone pass me a bucket.

What they did not mention was the little known fact that the department is actually one hand granting these temporary visas while quietly denying holders of these visas the right to apply for the permanent residency parent program.

According to the regulations once the 870 visa is granted visa holders will be denied access to other Parent visa applications. They are the Parent 103, Contributory Parent 143, Contributory Parent {Temporary} 173, Aged Parent 804, Contributory Aged Parent 864 and Contributory Aged Parent {Temporary} 884 visas.

All of these parent visas have the same wording in the legislation restricting an 870 visa holder from applying for any of the above parent applications;

The applicant:

(i)  does not hold a Subclass 870 (Sponsored Parent (Temporary)) visa; and

(ii)  if the applicant held such a visa—has left Australia since that visa ceased to be in effect.

This restriction slipped in unnoticed and unannounced by the immigration department. You will not find this mentioned on their web site. It makes all their marketing spin released above seem a little sickening. There is no logic to such a move to restrict a temporary resident parent visa holder to apply for the permanent residency parent visas. It really demonstrates that really do not want you here as permanent residents and to be happy with your families.

Karl Konrad