Direction no. 89 – Order of Consideration – Subclass 858 and Subclass 124 visas

The Immigration Minister has created a set of instructions on how the Global Talent visa applicants will be processed after their 858 visas have been lodged. To be clear, it is not a set of instructions of how the selection process works after placing your expression of interest to the department for this visa.

The Minister has indicated that the purpose of this Direction no. 89 is;

To enable the Department of Home Affairs to give effect to the priority processing intentions of Government for the Global Talent cohort. This will support the responsive processing of applicants that are identified as highly desirable by Government.

Under the law, the Minister can personally direct immigration department case officers to process visa applications in a certain order of priority. In this case for the Global Talent applicants will receive the highest priority in the processing line if they meet the following requirements;

1) Applications made in relation to the sectors set out in subsection (2), or in a related sector, and where:
(i) there is written communication from an Australian employer offering employment in Australia with an annual salary equivalent to or higher than the Fair Work high-income threshold; or
(ii) the primary applicant’s current earnings is an amount equal or greater than the amount referred to in subparagraph (1)(a)(i); or
(iii) where there is evidence the primary applicant is to likely attract a salary that is equal to or greater than the amount referred to in subparagraph (1)(a)(i);
(b) applications that are not covered by paragraph (1)(a).

(2) For subsection (1), the sectors are the following:
(a) Resources;
(b) Agri-food and AgTech;
(c) Energy;
(d) Health industries;
(e) Defence, advanced manufacturing and space;

(f) Circular economy;
(g) Digitech;
(h) Infrastructure and tourism;
(i) Financial services and FinTech;
(j) Education.

These sectors listed above are in not the same of the 7 target sectors used for the selection process for potential GTI applicants, they are used to give priority for the processing of the 124 or 858 visa (remember there are still many applicants who lodged under the old 124 visa).

This targeted list does not change the 7 target sectors the DoHA is using to choose applicants through their Contact Form. There has been some talk out there that the selection sectors has changed, this is not true. The target sectors on the departments web site remain the same.

The direction does give an indication however how the expression of interests lodged with the department on their online Contact Form for this Global talent visa, will be possibly viewed for selection.

FYI, from 20th Jan, Master degree recent graduates can no longer be qualified for GTI only based on their qualification

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Zoe He