Student Study Work Experience Australia

Student Study Work Experience Australia

Study & Live in Australia

Improve your chances of gaining permanent residency (PR) in Australia by choosing the right course to study here. Australian Immigration Law Services can assist you to continue your dream of living in Australia by offering advice on occupations and where to study. You may also consider studying in a regional area based on your chosen occupation.

Some Of The Best Courses To Study

Many students who come to Australia are not correctly advised regarding the best courses to study in order to gain permanent residency. We often advise people to study the following programs to obtain their best chance of residency. This list of occupations does not cover all the possibilities but some of the best are;

Registered Nurses
Most Trade Occupations
Enrolled Nursing
Community Workers
Early Childhood Teachers
Social Workers
Secondary School Teachers
IT Security Specialist


"I will never forget the support and the effort of Karl and the wonderful staff of this team when I was an international student. Now I have my little one and my husband is here now as well. I couldn't ask for more, thanks for everything."

Jane Peronce



  • State Sponsorship. Many States/Territories in Australia offer advantages for international students who study in their regions in relation to being sponsored for the 491 or 190 visa.
  • Benefits of obtaining an additional Graduate 485 visa for 12 months or 24 months. This will give you additional time for you to obtain state sponsorship opportunities.
  • Extra points for studying two years in a Designated Regional Area.
  • Cheaper living costs and mostly cleaner air.
  • Most of our clients who have moved to regional areas from Sydney for sponsorship never return and are happy with their lives there.


Many of our clients after completing their course in Sydney look to regional study in order to apply for residency.

Our Story

Australian Immigration Law Services was started by Karl Konrad in 1998. Karl is now joined by his experienced team members Han, Zoe, and Amy. We are proud to have been able to help many people gain permanent residency and citizenship in Australia. For some, the journeys have been longer than others, but our team is there from day one, and will be there however long it takes.

Together, the team carries more than 50 years of experience. Our passion for finding a pathway for you and our expertise has developed a strong reputation for us. Our work has allowed us to cross paths with many people, and from time to time, we find ourselves in a position to do more than fight for their visas. Because of this, we have found our way into large publications such as The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, SBS News, ABC Radio and more.


Our consultations are charged at $165 for a 30 minute session, well warranted as it assures that the assessment you get is information you can actually work with.