Who We Are

Who We Are

We love meeting people and hearing their unique stories, and we cater our services to specific needs. As many of us here come from all around the world, we are able to relate to your migration experience.

Australian Immigration Law Services (AILS) was started in 1998 by Karl Konrad and his wife, Emi. Through the years AILS has carved out for itself a strong reputation of being experts in the field whilst retaining genuine family feel in the way that it runs its business and treats its clients. AILS is MARA registered, and fully compliant from head to toe.

Australian Immigration Law Services carries a collective 50 over years of rich experience and have processed thousands myriad applications with an incredible success rate. These many years of experience has seen our team successfully represent a number of intricate and tedious cases. We are confident and we are effective, and the substantial quantity of next stage applications and referrals that we receive supports this.

The Team

We are a small but lovely and close knit unit and we’d love to get to know you as much as you’d like to know us. You’re on a deeply personal journey and we are here to support you in that. So here’s our virtual extended hand


Karl Konrad

Managing Director & Migration Agent (MARN 9904238)

Karl Konrad is one of Australia’s most respected migration agents. He founded Australian Immigration Law Services in 1998 together with his wife, Emi, and has been advising and acting for clients on migration matters for nearly two decades. He has extensive experience in all areas of Australian migration law.

Karl has a background in criminal psychology and worked previously as a Victoria police officer. He is reputed for being behind Operation Bart , one of Australia’s largest crackdowns in police corruption in history.

Karl’s strong moral compass followed him into his next career. Passionate about fair treatment of all our international visitors, Karl has written a number of exposés concerning suspect education providers, fraudulent business operators and unfair practices by the Immigration Department through immiNews, an e-newsletter founded in 2000. Most recently, Karl was in a featured article in the highly reputed ‘The Australian’ for fighting (and winning) an injustice where an international student was unfairly denied a refund of her university fees.

immiNews is a free resource that provides readers with a wealth of information; demystifing migration regulations and discusses lesser known options. immiNews also keeps you up to date on migration in the news and important changes in legislation.

Jee Eun Han

Senior Migration Agent (MARN 0850073)

Jee Eun Han, who prefers to be simply called Han, has worked and trained under Karl Konrad since 2008 when she registered as a migration agent. A true all rounder, her command of migration matters and business acumen have proven her to be an invaluable asset to AILS. The growth that AILS has seen cannot be thought of without association to Han.

Speaking fluent English and Korean, alongside qualifications in Business and Migration Law and customer service experience in the luxury hospitality sector, Han takes on many cases for high net worth corporations and clients. Her expertise in migration laws are extensive, having successfully handled all types of visa applications through the course of her career. She values results and works to build strong applications for her clients without any compromise on compliance.

Amy Eun Hye Kim

Senior Migration Agent (MARN 1464419)

Amy is a registered nurse who stumbled upon and grew a deep interest in migration law. She registered as a migration agent in 2014. Fluent in English and Korean, she enjoys a good tête-à-tête with her clients and has worked to help obtain residency for hundred of clients over the years.

Amy knows migration regulations through and through, but has a particular interest in family visas and specialises in spouse visa applications. She cares about her clients and is dedicated to eliminating stress and worry from the process, and she always greets them with her biggest smile. Amy is tremendously detail oriented and the applications she lodges have a stellar success rate and fast turnarounds.

Zoe He

Zoe He

Senior Migration Agent (MARN 1464926)

Zoe is our in house linguist, being articulate in English, Mandarin, Korean and her native dialect. Her grasp on the Korean language is particularly impressive; you would not be able to tell her apart from a native speaker!

She is has a Masters in Translation and in International Relations, and a background in customer relations. Zoe gained registration as a migration agent in 2014.

She is deeply knowledgeable, meticulous and organised, and has fantastic work ethic. She exudes calm and collected, and possesses a genuine can-do attitude that gives all of our clients peace of mind. We are lucky to have her.