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Skills Assessment

Skills assessments are a primary requirement for skilled visas and permanent employer sponsored visas. They are obtained from the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation, which is detailed under “assessing authority” in the relevant occupation list on the Department of Home Affair’s website.

These assessing authorities have their own specific requirements for gaining a skills assessment and may have different English ability standards than that of the Immigration Department. Meeting the Immigration Department’s competent level of English when your skills assessment calls for higher scores will not provide you with positive results, or what it called a suitable skills assessment, which will result in your application being unsuccessful. It is very important to treat the requirements for your skills assessment as separate to the visa application requisites.

Skills assessments may call for different types of documentation that the assessing body has been deemed necessary in evidencing that you are competently skilled in your nominated occupation. This may come in the form of qualifications, work experience and references, registrations and so forth. Some skills assessments require work journals, report writing demonstrating your knowledge and application of work skills and even written tests. Trade occupations may require practical assessments.

To accommodate international graduates of Australia, certain assessing bodies offer the provisional skills assessment which will allow the graduate to apply for a temporary graduate visa, a substantive visa that allows them to stay and gain relevant work experience so that they may obtain a full skills assessment for a more permanent visa down the road.

Whilst we are not able to create your skills assessment for you as we do not have the specific skills and knowledge that you have, we are experienced in these applications and well equipped to guide you through preparing your skills assessment submission and assisting with lodgement.