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Why? Because every single member of our team has been through what you and your family are going through. We take the time and effort to provide you support with your application because we understand how difficult and frustrating the visa process can be. We never forget that this may be the most life changing step you will take. Call +61 2 8054 2537 or 0434 890 199 today.


Our reputation is a result of our expertise and ability to deliver. We are known for taking on critical cases and finding victory for our clients. The proof? We get at least 30 referrals a month.

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We’ve been in the business for nearly 20 years and we know the ins and outs of migration law. We spot difficulties before they happen. We see beyond your current application. We plan for your future.

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Over 20,000 visa grants and counting. Our team has an AAT application success rate is 80%, when only 30% of all applications get remitted from AAT. We get it done and we get it done right.

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What our clients say

We cannot begin to express our gratitude and appreciation for the support, experience and advice that you have provided us over the past 2 to 3 months to secure the reinstatement of a 457 Visa for a key employee in our business. The circumstances were very challenging and your responses were timely, well considered and pro active

Steve and Nikki Mawby

I know Karl, Han and the team since 2007 so pretty much ten years. I’m very pleased with their performance, support, professionalism and determination. They offer best possible advice and recommendations based on individual client’s situation within reasonable fees. Thank AILS so much for your help with my situation, you folks handled everything with dignity and compassion, just what people need in stressful situations

Syed Rahman Mishor

I will never forget the support and the effort of Karl and the wonderful staff of this team when I was an international student. Now I have my little one and my husband is here now as well I couldn’t ask for more, thanks for everything.

Jane Peronce

Thanks to all the team members who managed to do everything on time. I consulted so many lawyers and each of them gave me no hope and then one of your client, who is my friend, highly recommended your services. I trusted AILS and will recommend their services

Divya Tyagi

Super reliable team, great communication, very patient. I highly recommend their services to all the people who seek any kind of visa assistance. Thank you once again for your help.

Nirmal Singh

A big Thank you to the Fantastic four. Big boss Karl, Han, Zoe, Amy and Hae Woo. Thank you so much for making my dream come true. Highly Recommended. My special thanks to Han and Zoe.

Arvind Goud

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Echidnas. They’re spiky, slow-moving and native to Australia but there is much more to short-beaked echidnas – also known as spiny anteaters – than meets the eye.

#Echidnas are actually toothless mammals, but they more than make up for it with their long, sticky tongues - 15 centimetres long. Their tongues work very quickly, enabling them to slurp up ants, worms and insect larvae. In fact, the echidna’s scientific name, Tachyglossus actually means ‘fast tongue’.

Along with the #platypus, the echidna is the only other living egg-laying mammal species. Baby echidnas are called ‘puggles’. They stay within the den their mother creates for up to a year before going it alone. 📷 @strangeanimals

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The Northern Territory (NT) Government is seeking highly skilled #professionals and #tradespeople under the Skilled Work Regional 491 and 190 visa programs. If you have a skilled occupation that is in demand in Australia’s top end, the NT Government may be interested in nominating you to support your visa application under one of the nominated general skilled migration visa subclasses.
Any overseas citizen, regardless of where they are currently living, can apply to the NT Government for nomination of a subclass 491 or 190 visa. Prospective visa applicants must meet NT Government and the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs eligibility requirements.

To learn more, click here:

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#Australia is one of the world’s most popular destinations for immigration. Abundant opportunities and a growing economy make it one of the best places to #study, #work, and build a future. With a relatively complex immigration system, some hopeful migrants can find it difficult to identify a pathway to permanent resident status. One way to uncomplicate the process is to study a trade in Australia, which can lead to a recognised qualification, full time work, and eventual eligibility for residency.

To learn about the #skills gap in Australia, the jobs that are in demand, and how you can go from being an international student to a permanent resident, click here:

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“Thank you for all your help & kindness throughout the process. It wouldn’t be possible without your help. Thanks again for everything & compliments of the season to you all. Kindest regards, Uday”

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