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July 8, 2023

3,264 Courses To Give 485 Visa Extensions!

At last today we learn that 3,264 courses will be eligible for the 485 visa extension program.

Those who have completed them and are still on their 485 visa can apply for a 485 visa extension.

Those who will complete these courses in the future will gain the longer 485 visa.

The extended stay will be implemented, under policy, from 1 July 2023. Current settings, detailed in published policy, will be increased by two years. This will extend post-study stay in Australia from:

Two years to four years for selected Bachelor Degrees;

Three years to five years for selected Masters’s Degrees;

Four to six years for all Doctoral Degrees

You can the complete list of courses here


For applicants who have not received the additional two years’ stay under the policy , there will be the option of applying for another Temporary Graduate visa in the Post-Study Work stream at no cost.

If the relevant visa criteria are satisfied, the policy is to grant that visa for a period that will provide the applicant with an additional two year stay in Australia.

A Temporary Graduate visa in the Post-Study Work stream, based on a ‘nil VAC’ application, will be granted for two years. The two year period will be calculated from the date that the visa held at time of application was originally scheduled to cease.

The purpose of the nil VAC visa is to provide a two year extension to the visa held by the applicant at that time, because they hold a specified degree. To make an application for that additional visa at no cost, an applicant must hold a qualification specified in the list

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