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PM Blames COVID-19 For Expected 85% Fall In Migration Numbers

The Prime Minister revealed yesterday after the National cabinet meeting that the government expected overseas migration number to drop by about 85 per cent! He explained this drop is going to happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These drop-in numbers are expected to be happening now and the lack of 189 invitations is already painfully... Continue Reading

Stop The World! The AAT Wants To Get Off!

Brace yourselves, everyone! The Administrative Appeals Tribunal wants to stop the world and get off. It seems the Coronavirus news has made individual AAT members quite depressed. One Member, in particular, believes the COVID-19 outbreak is sufficient reason to refuse business applicants looking for permission to become sponsors under the RSMS program. They stated; “The... Continue Reading

Engineers Australia’s Policy Of Silence

In a previous newsletter, we discussed the distressing circumstances of Pooja Shah and her family after she was rejected and banned twice by Engineers Australia. Today is the second part of her story after a response was obtained from EA in the formal review application of her second ban. When a refused applicant comes to... Continue Reading

Grant The Doctors And Nurses Permanent Residency

In life, many people try and join up and undertake roles to protect and serve the community and many more dream they would even be able to do so. It is a privilege to be placed in a position of trust. Even if the expectation is that you put your life at risk for the... Continue Reading

New Options For Working Holiday Visitors

Working Holiday visa holders in Australia worried about their options during the Coronavirus crisis, received an unexpected boost to their possible options today. The Immigration Minister released information this morning that special changes to the working holiday visas would mean that those who are currently in Australia will have their working conditions eased if they... Continue Reading

Let Our Temporary Residents Come Home!

  From 9 pm tonight, Temporary Resident visa holders will be banned from entering Australia. No thought what so ever has been given to those visa holders who are currently outside Australia and finding it difficult to get back. No thought at all to those who are working here, have leased or purchased properties here,... Continue Reading

Are Our Temporary Resident Nurses And Doctors Being Used?

This morning the Prime Minister announced that those International Students in Australia who are studying nursing, some 20,000 of them, will have their work limitations lifted. This is so they can work more to assist in the Coronavirus emergency. While we think that is a great move, what about the thousands of nurses who have... Continue Reading

Australian Universities Shift Towards Online Study

In response to the growing concerns regarding the spread of the Coronavirus, Australian Universities have read the writing on the wall that it will probably only be a matter of time before classes on campuses will no longer be permitted. Today the Australian carried the story of how Macquarie University has suspended its classes temporarily... Continue Reading

Engineers Australia Skill Assessment Ban for 1 Year.

Meet Pooja and her husband Jipal. The couple moved to Tasmania nearly two years ago to start a better life in regional Australia. Like many Indian nationals who have completed their higher education study in Australia, they are seeking a regional pathway to obtain permanent residency. The couple needs to obtain Tasmanian sponsorship for the... Continue Reading

While Holding a Student Visa, What If My Education Provider Closes?

With the Federal Government announcing gatherings of more than 500 people are banned, it is understandable many international students in Australia would be concerned about their visa status if the education provider were forced to close its doors for an extended period. The ban currently does not include education providers but that might change at... Continue Reading

Certain International Students Can Exceed 40hrs Work Limitation

With the Hon Peter Dutton inflicted with the coronavirus, the The Hon Alan Tudge MP is currently acting Minister for Immigration. Yesterday he announced Student visa holders can exceed their 40 hour per fortnight restriction on work hours if you can help the supermarket chains put the stock on the shelves.  In a press release... Continue Reading

Coronavirus And Immigration Processing

Understandably, our temporary resident visitors are worried about visa processing times and the Immigration Department’s ability to keep working to look after visa lodgements if the Coronavirus spreads widely in Australia. Very sorry to Tom Hanks and his wife to come all the way here to catch it. We hope all those who have the... Continue Reading

Recession Counter Measure : Ditch The GTE And Let The Students Come

Now that the Coronavirus has taken a small foothold in Australia and the financial markets have taken a serious hit, it’s time for the government to dramatically ramp up the performance of one of Australia’s biggest industries, the education sector. It’s time to do away for the discriminatory tool used to refuse student visas on... Continue Reading

Relocating On Your 491 Visa?

The 491 visa gives you temporary residency status for 5 years in Australia. It is designed to keep you living and working in regional locations. The regions are known as Designated Regional Areas (DRA) of Australia. As you may know these areas cover all of Australia except Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and the locations where... Continue Reading

Substantial Compliance, What Does It Mean?

Most temporary visas like the 500 Student, the 482 Working and the 600 Tourist visas, (and some permanent like the 887 visa) that are made in Australia have a Schedule 2 primary and secondary criterion that requires the applicant have complied substantially with the conditions of the substantive visa held, or last held, by the... Continue Reading

Claiming Points For Overseas And Australian Employment

The recognition of extensive work experience in a nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation has been around a long time in the GSM program. Relevant Australian and overseas skilled employment in the 10-year period immediately before the date the applicant was invited to apply for this visa can be considered for the... Continue Reading

Specialist Educational Qualifications

For those high achieving international students in Australia there is the avenue of obtaining extra points through studying research degrees, Masters or PhD, in sought after areas of expertise. For the GSM points visas, applicants are eligible for 10 points under Part 6D.7A of the regulations if they meet the requirements for the award of... Continue Reading

What If I Separate From My Partner On A 489 visa?

  Sadly the unexpected happens in life and you may have separated from your partner after obtaining your 489 visa together. What should you do? Can you both still apply for the 887 PR visa in the near future as seperate applicants? Do I have to inform Immigration? Firstly, there is no condition on your... Continue Reading

Order Of Processing For Skilled Visas

Many of you may not realise that the DOHA has a specific direction from the Minister in what order skilled migration applications must be processed. This is known as Direction 86. Order for considering visa applications The following processing priorities (with highest priority listed first) should be given due regard to in relation to applications... Continue Reading

Assessing Periods Of Skilled Employment-Deeming Dates

It has long been issues of contention regarding the so-called “deeming date” on some skill assessment outcomes. Now the notion of Deeming Dates maybe blown out of the water. In the past, maybe more than 15 years ago, skill assessments were determined by the ASCO (yes not ANZSCO then) guidelines. Even the relevancy of the... Continue Reading

The 870 Parent Visa Trap

According to the Immigration department the Temporary Parent 870 visas are off to a flying start. What they did not mention was the little known fact that the department is actually one hand granting these temporary visas while quietly denying holders of these visas the right to apply for the permanent residency parent program. According... Continue Reading

Migration – What Is In Store For 2020?

  A Happy New Year to all our readers and clients. Whilst this federal government deliberately is making PR processing times longer in an effort to make PR grant numbers seem smaller this financial year (and perhaps the next), they are pushing new migrants into regional areas wherever they can. The focus for the year... Continue Reading

Prospective Marriage 300 Visa. Can You Get Married Before It’s Granted?

The Prospective Marriage Visa has been around for a long time and has been used successfully by many happy couples to get married in Australia. It is designed for couples who have met at least once in person, fallen in love and plan to be married in Australia. This marriage was originally meant to happen... Continue Reading

Order For Considering GSM Visa Applications

The Minister has the following current directions in how GSM visas are processed. The following processing priorities (with highest priority listed first) should be given due regard to in relation to applications for visas that are specified in the schedule: visa applications for an Employer Sponsored visa or Regional Sponsored visa where the applicant is... Continue Reading