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Privacy, Terms & Conditions

Privacy, Terms & Conditions

Be aware of phone scams

Immigration scams have become an ever-present issue that our internationals in Australia face. Scammers scare temporary residents and even those who have gained permanent residency or citizenship into thinking their visas are at risk of being cancelled. These scammers will attempt to pressure you into making a payment to ‘fix’ what they have identified is a problem with your visa.

Because scammers are able to manipulate caller ID to mimic the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) numbers as well as private well-known businesses like ours, many unfortunate victims often mistake the call for being of genuine origin. Many of these scammers operate overseas and use applications such as Skype, making them hard to trace. Learn more about caller ID spoofing.

The DIBP and ourselves, Australian Immigration Law Services (AILS), will never call you requesting payment. AILS will never call you unless you are already our client. We want you to be safe! Here are some tips to verify your caller and protect yourself:

First and foremost, remain calm. Never discuss your personal information on the phone even if the caller appears to have your details like passport numbers and visa application information. Always insist that the caller send you an email first, listing the number through which you can call them back.

Do share this information so that others are protected from such scams. If you are the recipient of such a scam, please make the appropriate authorities aware. The DIBP has launched Scamwatch so that victims may report their experiences. Visit Scamwatch.

Terms & Conditions

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Code of Conduct

Under Australian law, a person who wishes to operate as a migration agent must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). MARA is the migration advice professions self-regulatory body. Our Agents are registered with MARA in Australia, which authorises us to provide Australian immigration advice. We operate under a strict Code of Conduct which is administered by MARA, to ensure the utmost professional conduct in all our dealings with customers. Provision for a Code of Conduct for migration agents is set out in Section 314 of the Migration Act 1958 and is prescribed in Schedule 2, Regulation 8 of the Migration Agents Regulations 1998. You may find the Code of Conduct here. You acknowledge that you have had access to and the opportunity to read this document in full prior to making any payment to AILS.

Terms of Use

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