Immigration News: Visa Conditions

Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement for Student Visas, Assessed by the DIBP and Your Educational Institute?

How the GTE requirement is assessed One of the major requirements in applying for a Student visa (subclass 500) is being a genuine temporary entrant (GTE). This requirement exists to weed out those who are abusing this visa programme by applying for a student visa only as a means of obtaining permanent residency here in... Continue Reading

Conditions 8503 and 8558

Condition 8503 “No Further Stay” Condition 8503 is a “no further stay” condition that if applied to your visa, does not allow for you to be granted another substantive visa (unless it is a protection visa) whilst you are still in Australia. Any applications for another visa will be considered an invalid application. Visas that... Continue Reading

Karl Konrad: Founder of Australian Immigration Law Services

Who is Karl Konrad? Karl Konrad has, over the span of nearly two decades, developed a reputation for being the guy to go to if you wanted accurate, non-meandering advice. Being armed with no more a simple assessment form filled with some key questions on your situation, Karl will form an actionable game plan in... Continue Reading

Engaging a Migration Agent

Why is it so important to have a consultation with your migration agent first?   “I only have one question.” “I’d like for you to lodge my application now.” “My case is straightforward.”   Maybe, but maybe not. When you contact a migration agent you need to understand that this is the person who will... Continue Reading

From a 489 to a 887 visa

Gaining Permanent Residence from a Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489)  Now that you are on your 489 visa and have resided in a regional ares(s) for at least two years while holding that visa, you will of course be bursting with enthusiasm for your permanent residency application to be lodged. This permanent residency (PR)... Continue Reading

Did you Consent to the Department collecting your information?

One of the key requirements of filling out an Australian Visa application form, is that you agree to the Privacy Notice, otherwise known as Form 1442i. Form 1442i, serves as your notice of the Departments Privacy Policy, which you agree to when lodging a visa application. By agreeing to the Privacy Policy, you are allowing... Continue Reading

2 Year Work Requirement Going From 457 to 186/187

Getting your permanent residency through employer sponsored visas For many, the path to permanent residency on an employer sponsored visa looks like this: An individual is first sponsored through a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (Subclass 457), completes 2 years of employment and, if their employer wishes to offer them a permanent position in that same... Continue Reading

The ABC’s of Bridging Visas

Understanding the different types of bridging visas Bridging visas are issued if you are onshore and have made a valid visa application. Its purpose is to allow you to lawfully remain in Australia until your visa decision. Receipt of a bridging visa does not mean that your current visa has been overridden. It will only come... Continue Reading

Could You Be Facing A 3 Year Ban From Returning?

Visa cancelled? Left Australia on a Bridging Visa C, D or E? Did you know that if you had your visa cancelled or left unlawfully, you would be considered a risk factor and would be facing a 3 year ban from applying for any other temporary visa? Nope, you can’t even return to vacation in... Continue Reading

No Further Stay – Conditions 8503 and 8534

Condition 8503 Condition 8503  is a mandatory no further stay condition on the following visas: Visitor visa (subclass 600) (sponsored family stream) Visitor visa (subclass 600) (approved destination stream) Visitor visa (subclass 600) (tourist stream; if sponsorship has been imposed on it) Training and research visa (subclass 402) (for the professional development stream) Work and... Continue Reading

Condition 8547

Are you on or thinking about a working holiday or work and holiday visa? The working holiday (subclass 417) and work and holiday (subclass 462) visas allow eligible persons to have an extended holiday in Australia for up to 12 months, during which time they may find short-term employment. These visas are subject to condition... Continue Reading

Resident Return Visa

Congratulations on your PR grant! So that’s it? Are we done with all the visa stuff? I’d like to say yes, but no, I’m afraid, not really. “You have been granted a permanent visa which allows you to remain in Australia indefinitely. This visa allows you to travel to and enter Australia as many times... Continue Reading

What is condition 8202 on student visas?

 A breach of condition 8202 makes you vulnerable to a visa cancellation. A visa cancellation is going to make it just that bit more difficult for you to get another Australian visa. Don’t give yourself the extra trouble. Condition 8202 is mandatory for all student visas. ” (1) You must remain enrolled in a registered... Continue Reading

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

Australia’s student visa programme was recently restructured, compressing 8 different student visa subclasses down to just 2 – Student visa (subclass 500) and Student Guardian visa (subclass 590). The new Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)  has brought significant change to the way visas are applied for and processed. Previously, separate assessment levels were assigned to... Continue Reading

Condition 8504

“8504 The holder must enter Australia as the holder of the visa to which the condition applies before a date specified by the Minister.  This condition requires that an initial entry into Australia by each visa holder be made before the date specified in the “Visa Grant Notice” provided to you when your visa was... Continue Reading