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April 11, 2022

Regional Lists for 489 and 491 Visas

Definition of Regional Areas for Skilled Regional (Provisional) subclass 489 visa and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) subclass 491 visa

There are so many lists to choose from out there it gets more than a little confusing!

Below is a table that helps you clearly see which list is applicable to your circumstances as the holder of a 489 or 491 visa in Australia.

When your visa is granted to you is the fundamental date. This date will decide for you which list applies to you. So far we have lists for 3 different dates and there can always be more coming. If a new list comes in and your visa is granted you still have to stick with the list that existed when your visa was given to you.

In some cases, this may disappointing but on the other hand, if some regions were to be removed, then that is advantageous for you.


Subclass 489 (STN) – Condition 8539

Subclass 489 (Family Sponsored) – Condition 8549

Subclass 491 (STN or Family Sponsored) – Condition 8579

Granted before 16 November 2019

IMMI 12/015

IMMI 16/044

Not Applicable

Granted on or after 16 November 2019 and before 5 March 2022

LIN 20/292

IMMI 16/044

LIN 20/292

Granted on or after 5 March 2022

LIN 22/022

IMMI 16/044

LIN 22/022

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Karl Konrad